Acrylic Clutch Bag For Wedding, Mother of Pearl Clutch, Selomenika
Acrylic Clutch Bag For Wedding, Mother of Pearl Clutch, Selomenika
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Carnelian Mother of Pearl Clutch

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🐚This elegant wooden handcrafted bag is covered with mother of pearls. Product comes with a chain.

✨ Product dimensions: 20cm(H)*13cm(L)*15cm(W) 

this bag can fit keys, lipsticks OR a phone(dimensions less than 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.7 mm) and cards etc.

⭐ Interior: Made with velvet. 

There may be slight color and weaving pattern variations in your bag / Slight color and shape variations in the stones are due to the handmade techniques and natural materials used during production, making each piece unique.

The combination of these materials creates a unique, luxurious look that is sure to make the heads turn heads. The perfect accessory for any stylish and sophisticated individual, this bag is a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their wardrobe. Our bags are unique and when the stock is finished for any of themthere may not be the same pieces. 

Care: Store your clutch in a soft pouch to avoid scratches. Avoid contact with perfumes & water. 

Customer Reviews

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Muneera Alkhelaifi
I am in LOVE with these

the quality and beauty blew me away. The designs of the Clutch are done so well it seems like they are just a natural part of the material.


I would highly recommend this handcrafted bag to anyone looking for a unique and high-quality accessory. Thank you for creating such a beautiful piece that I will treasure for years to come!

-Nada Jaziri